Il Monferrato e l'Astigiano: Terre di Tartufi da Scoprire

The autumn season, with its cool weather and falling leaves, brings with it a treasure hidden in the woods of the Monferrato and Astigiano hills: the white truffle. Although Alba, in the Langhe, is famous for its truffles and hosts the renowned International Alba White Truffle Fair, the real treasure lies in the lesser-known lands of Monferrato. Alba is often considered the "capital" of truffles, thanks to its ability to promote this culinary delight. The International Fair of the White Truffle of Alba, an extraordinary annual event, attracts enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the white truffle of Alba, the most prized of all.

But there is a well-kept secret: much of the exceptional truffles for sale in Alba come from the surrounding areas, particularly Monferrato. Here, rich forests, hilly terrain and the presence of oak, poplar, hazel and chestnut trees create the perfect habitat for truffles.

Monferrato, where small villages such as Rocca d'Arazzo, Azzano d'Asti, Montaldo Scarampi, Mombercelli and many others dot the hills, is a rich place for truffles! Here, in the fascinating forests and among the lush vineyards, lies one of the territory's best-kept secrets: the white truffle of Monferrato. The art of truffle hunting is a deep-rooted tradition in these lands, passed down from generation to generation.

Nearby, Moncalvo, which also hosts a truffle fair at this time, which is precisely called the "Moncalvo Truffle Fair," and its surroundings, including Ottiglio, Casorzo, Grana Monferrato and Grazzano Badoglio, are additional locations of choice for truffle seekers. In these areas, the soil is rich in truffles hidden among the roots of oak trees. Each truffle harvested in these lands represents a true delicacy.

With all this truffle heritage, it is only natural that the Astigiano and Monferrato regions are popular destinations for those who wish to live in harmony with nature and culinary traditions. Here, real estate properties often include woodlands, ideal for those who enjoy truffle hunting or wish to create their own green space.

Riva Lombardi Sciortino in these regions offers the opportunity to live in picturesque villages surrounded by fields, vineyards and forests. These places offer a haven of peace, away from the city bustle, where you can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and local culinary delicacies.

While truffle hunters explore the woods, those looking for a home in Monferrato and Astigiano can begin their search together with Riva Lombardi Sciortino.